Event Videos Are a Great Way to Kick Off a Company Meeting and Rally the Troupes

event videos
event videos

In the last ten years, quality event videos have become as necessary an ingredient to a successful event as selecting a keynote speaker. A good event video can go a long way toward setting a tone or promoting a new company product line. Event videos can also celebrate and inspire a company change or rally individuals behind a specific company issue. When well done, event videos make any meeting dynamic and capture the audience’s attention.
What every good speaker needs is a receptive audience. Event videos can function as sort of an opening for the speaker by setting the perfect mood. After a smashing video, whoever speaks will find that people are already interested in what they have to say. Context is everything so it’s important to choose the right tone. Often these videos will incorporate humour and lovingly poke fun the executive team. Sometimes the videos are spoofs of current TV shows such as “The Office” or a major Hollywood movie. The sales team enjoys nothing more than seeing the executive team make an ass of themselves (as long as it’s respectful and in good fun). Other event videos take a more serious and heart warming tone and use customer and client testimonials to tell the story of a new product or demonstrate the company’s values.

Any video production company which undertakes the task of producing a sizzle event video needs to first study the company, its hierarchy and its objectives. Every company is going for something unique and the event video needs to reflect the vision and the objectives of the company clearly in order to align the employees with it. We, the creative team at Studio B, have experience in creating effective and dynamic sizzle event videos. We carefully study the customer, the reason for the meeting and then weave together a video which is able to perfectly portray the purpose and make people feel motivated.

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