COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course examines the structure of health care systems in different countries, focusing on financing, reimbursement, delivery systems, manufacturers, and the adoption of new technologies. We study the roles of private and public sector insurance and providers, and the effect of system design on cost, quality, efficiency, and equity of medical services. How do these different systems deal with decisions about investment and adoption of new technologies? How do service providers and manufacturers evaluate opportunities for growth and expansion in new geographies and markets? It is not a course in strategic planning, although we will address the planning aspects of strategy. It is more a course in identifying strategic issues, finding strategies, and thinking strategically. The theories, methodologies, and concepts that will be presented in the course will provide you with broader, more insightful, and useful models for thinking about the management of organizations of all sizes and in a variety of industries. The course will also focus on the industry and competitive environments of a company and examine how they are used in the formulation, implementation, and control of competitive strategy.


These write-ups should be typed, one-inch margins on all sides; 12 pt. Times New Romans; page numbers; single-space typed; and two pages (maximum length). This is not to be a review of the case. In this write-up, you need to be extremely specific. You should not repeat any of the case detail. The format of this case analysis should have the following headings: Problems/Issues; Possible Solutions; Recommend Solutions; and Expected Outcomes. These write-ups are designed to be executive strategic decision documents written so that your immediate report-to would be able to read, understand, and implement your strategic decision.

What the professor want:Look at the case from a strategic prospective,DON’T REPEAT CASE,Where are you taking the company from and to?Be SPECIFIC,What is happening in this, What is happening in the organization strategically?Or they growing or not? WHAT are they doing to make themselves relevant? WHY? Bridge the gap, HOW?

Paper need to be specific strategic challenges facing them such as growth, competitive advantage etc.

Main Issue. What is the precise mix of efficiency and effectiveness to attain organic growth to attain the desired financial stability.


FEEDBACK FROM PREVIOUS CASE: What does Issue # 1 and # 2 cause them to have…Lack of growth or Lack of Competitive advantage or both or none?

Your issues appear to be statement of facts from the case.  Avoid putting facts of the case in the issue section.

Key issue is how to develop and sustain competitive advantage

Possible Solution: product life cycle rejuvenation through Innovation



2 Pages Global Healthcare Strategy
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