4G LTE technology

Accessing the impact of 4G LTE technology on customer satisfaction experince in metro Atlanta.


Assess and analyze how the introduction of 4G LTE technology by cellular phone companies in the metro Atlanta area has impact the quality of data/internet service usage for mobile device customers. I intend to survey a sample of customers in the metro Atlanta area to assess what their experience of the 4G LTE technology has been like in relation to what it was before the introduction of the technology in the area. I also intend to do a data analysis to determine which mobile phone carrier has have the most satisfying customer experience based on the quality and reliability of the service the technology provides its customers. I need a methodology that will describe in detail following:
1.Who will be selected for the survey
2.Why they will be selected
3.How many will be selected(intend to survey at least 20 people)
4.Decision criteria used for the survey.
5.Who will conduct the survey.(I intend to employ the service of a professional survey company to collect my data)
6.The validity and reliability of the data collection should also be explained.
7.Finally I do need some writing assistance/direction/template in writing the data analysis for my chapter 4 once


4G LTE technology
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