At the beginning of this course, you wrote an introductory post that included your opinion of what two or three aspects of epidemiology you thought most important for public health. Please do not review your Week One post yet. Instead,

  • Compose your answer to this question now that you are finishing the course.
  • Once you have finished writing this down, reflect in your two- to three-page journal entry:
    • How and why your answers may have changed?
    • How your understanding of the importance may have changed even if the aspect(s) you first wrote did not change?
    • How you think these changes affect your actions with regard to dealing with health risks?

I think the most important part of epidemiology world is the investigating of disease patterns to find the determinants. During COVID tracing and thorough investigating was one of the reasons we were able to find out where it originated from, the impact of the disease and other health outcomes on a population. I believe epidemiologist played a major role in helping people like myself understand the transmission and effects of the disease. I’m excited about taking this course, it will be my deciding factor if epidemiology is for me or not, but either way I’m ready to learn.


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