A SWAT Analysis

Paper instructions:
In this assignment you are required to carry out a SWOT analysis of only THREE COMPETING products/services in the market. You may pick any of your choice.

Section 1: Compare the prices (one of the 8 P’s) of the chosen 3 competing products/services. You are required to analyze the reasons behind the price differences. The attributes you should use are:
a. products attributes,
b. brand image,
c. quality perception,
d. design of the product and
e. cognitive dissonance.

Section 2: Segment and Positioning Analysis of the 3 competing products/services: What consumer segments do these 3 products serve? Analyze in terms of
a. Age,
b. Gender,
c. Income and
d. Geography.
e. What is the consumer perception of a product or service as compared to its competition? Are the customers satisfied? If yes why and if no then what do you suggest is the best way of segmentation for the product/service?

Section 3: Analyze Promotional (one of the 8 P’s) campaigns of the 3 products. What channels are used to convey the message to the consumer? Are these channels effective? Can you as a Marketing Manager suggest a more effective way than the present strategy used by the companies?

3. Evidence of reading (Background information read and collected)
4. Discussion of the Analysis of the products
5. Conclusion (This includes Evaluation of the whole exercise)
Summarize all parts of the report and draw some conclusions based on your discussion and comparison.
Overall, there will need to be 9 SWAT’s (Strengths, Weaknesses, Advantages and Threats) conducted in a essay style report. With a summary for each of the three products then a overall conclusion on the whole paper. As well these need to be evidence of research conducted by taking each of the sections sub sections and inputting bullet points.


A SWAT Analysis
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