An analysis of the International Media and Sport/Entertainment Nexus and use of Public Relations – Base on the BENETTON “UNHATE” Campaign

This report is about the BENETTON “UNHATE” CAMPAIGN, launch in 2011.
It is one between others the company already did (shocking campaign).
Campaign / story context – Up to 1,500 words of facts about the media story or media campaign, with references. Disengage the ‘official’ statements from the sport entity/artist/entertainment organization or corporation, from media comment and speculation. For the ‘official’ campaign or information release, try to determine the target audience and the communication objectives. As well as the communication tools used, metrics etc. Look at official statements, official interviews, official photos, videos etc.
Look at independent media journalists (i.e. for example those who are not official media partners with the campaign/story) as well as social media and micro bloggers (if relevant).
Video material can either be referred to (if on YouTube) or compiled into a student video if the student has video editing skills.
Consider how was it reported by different media? Was the story changed for different markets? Or reported differently in different markets?
This is about establishing the facts that in Part Two you will analyse.

Now, using ONLY the information in the portfolio which I will send you in another message, we have to write a 3000 words report. Here a the instruction from the teacher (you will have to focus on the “Part Two”:

Project Overview: Students will research and analyse a “STORY” which clearly demonstrates the interdependence between media and the Sport and Entertainment Industries and the role PR plays. The student report will make reference to a submitted portfolio that should contain articles based on an appropriate “STORY” (approved and agreed in class)

Overall Aim: Students will demonstrate their ability to research and critically evaluate their chosen topic as a complement to the theory and discussions held in class.
Part Two: Critical Analysis of Part One portfolio material

critically analysing the Part One portfolio. It should introduce perspectives and theories covered in the lectures. The student should demonstrate a clear ability to interpret and analyze information leading to a conclusion.

A. Socio-cultural perspective
Explore the campaign from a socio-cultural perspective. Mention the values it reinforces, symbolic usage, introduce media ethics if appropriate.
Critically analyse the construction of the texts, media and the use of still and moving images.
Critically analyse how this relates to theoretical concepts of newsworthiness.
Compare and contrast ‘official’ releases from ‘independent’ commentary.

B. Managerial perspective – maximizing media coverage – 1,500 words (50%)

Analyse media tools and strategies used by the sport or entertainment organizations and there management of the media and PR to ensure effective and consistent media coverage that may include media releases, interviews, conferences and media events.
Recommend ways they could have modified their campaign to improve outcomes e.g. mistakes that were made and should have been avoided, creative ideas that would have increased interest.
Research for you own knowledge about the campaign, in order maybe to understand the campaign in better way, BUT please do not use information for the report, as the teacher will verify that the info only come from the articles and the report that we have submitted.



An analysis of the International Media and Sport/Entertainment Nexus and use of Public Relations – Base on the BENETTON "UNHATE" Campaign
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