Project Three Deliverables


Training Plan

  • Identify the training approach. (I.E. CBT, video, classroom)
  • Identify the number of trainers (in-house, vendor or consultant)
  • Determine if a train the trainer class is needed.
  • Identify the various levels of training required; management, client department and field user and more importantly what training should be included.
  • Integrate training plan with the other sections.


Conversion and Implementation Plans

  • Identify and defend your recommended implementation approach. This could include why you did not choose one of the alternative implementation approaches.
  • Identify the schedule for the implementation.
  • Identify the functions that will be included in the initial implementation.

Screen Flow

Document the screens that are used within the system and show the flow from one screen to another. The screen flow represents a link or button on a page.  This is a one-page document showing the flow.

Screen Standards

  1. Write up one-two pages identifying the screen standards. This includes rules for fonts, hyperlinks, button, navigation, text, table entries etc…
  2. Please consider the menu, headers, and footers  -Show an example
  3. Include in the screen standards a list of rules.
  1. Tab to the next field after entering.
  2. Use the same caption when defining the same field.
  3. Provide a way to cancel at any time.

Screen Design


  1. Minimum requirement is to design the input screens needed to place an order.
    1. The first page should be the security page.
    2. The remaining pages should reflect how to place order.
  1. Location, Selection, cart, payment, delivery, and confirmation
  1. Ideally, the design is a web application.
  2. The application needs to give the illusion that it is working.
  3. In the note section, describe the following.
    1. Purpose of the screen
    2. Validation of the screen

Screen Design Reporting

  1. Design the report section for the management of the Corporation.
  2. The design should show how reports will be selected and show the flow.
  3. The reports that are created should include the following.
    1. Exception reports (3)
    2. Email report (1)
    3. Summary reports (4)
  4. Design a series of dashboard reports.
    1. The reports should include a filter as to how to select the data.
    2. The filter should include a location, time frame, product categories, and metric( dollars, units, etc.)
    3. The user should have the capabilities to drill down from product category to the detail level.
  5. For all reports in the note section explain the following:
    1. Purpose of the report
    2. Content of the report
    3. Security of the report


Analysis And Design Techniques
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