1. A patient states, “I just turned 75, and my nose drips all the time, and I don’t smell food like when I was younger; why is this happening?” What should the nurse include in the reply to the patient?
  2. A 45-year-old patient with a history of smoking has been diagnosed with cancer of the larynx and will be having a laryngectomy. The patient has asked the nurse about the procedure.
  • How would the nurse explain the difference between a partial and total laryngectomy?
  • Using the nursing process as a framework for this patient, what are the priority nursing interventions for a patient undergoing a laryngectomy?
  1. A patient is exhibiting epistaxis due to blunt-force trauma to the face.
  • What is the nursing management of the patient with epistaxis?

Review the discussion guidelines and submit accordingly.  Use library resources and your assigned text books for references.



Anatomy And Physiology
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