Beuchamp & Childress


Topic A: From pages 183 ¡V 186 of Beuchamp & Childress, the authors address some moral aspects of physician assisted suicide. The principles of beneficence and nonmaleficence play central roles in this debate, as does autonomy. Do you think physician assisted suicide is ethical? Why or why not? Be sure to explain what physician assisted suicide is and how it works in the three states in which it is legal (hint: a good resource to start with is Oregon¡¦s Death With Dignity Act website). If you choose this topic, you will also have to spend a couple of pages outlining possible critiques or objections to your view. Be sure to stick to the philosophical issues, not merely the practical ones, emphasizing the principles mentioned above to support your point. You should stick to 3 ¡V 4 outside sources, but do not heavily quote. I¡¦m more interested in your arguments for or against ¡V or perhaps you will just lay out the issues and be unable to take a stand ¡V than I am in having you just recap what others are saying about the issue.
Topic B: In chapter 7, your authors address the principle of justice. They outline some traditional theories that include utilitarian theories, libertarian theories and egalitarian theories. Using ONE of these 3 theories, argue for or against what the authors call ¡§the right to health care¡¨, found later in the chapter. You may reference anything from the chapter ¡V such as the fair opportunity rule or ideas about unfair discrimination ¡V that helps you make your case. If you choose this topic, you will also have to spend a couple of pages outlining possible critiques or objections to your view. Note that you do not have to actually HOLD the view you take; you could decide to just take an academic approach and create the argument but not actually hold it. This may be necessary if you haven¡¦t yet made up your mind about this topic, but what I really want is an argument based on one of these theories of justice for or against the idea that health care should or should not be accessible only to those who can afford it.
Undergraduate Student Final Paper:
This is an 8-page (approximately 2,000 words) paper that will require outside research into a topic you will select from a list I have provided out on Blackboard under ¡§Undergrad Final Paper Topics¡¨. You will need to use moral reasoning in the analysis of a current issue in medical ethics, being careful to use the principles and concepts covered in the text. You are to analyze a position, not necessarily defend it, though that is also permissible. For example, you could lay out the arguments both in favor of and opposed to physician assisted suicide without actually taking a position. If you decide to defend a position, then make sure you also include a section where you anticipate objections and then defend your view against those. You should use journal articles, textbooks, newspapers, magazines, etc., but must provide proper citation at the bottom of each page in which the reference occurs. I am not particular about what style of referencing you use, but I ought to very easily be able to find your referenced work. Draft Due 11/10 (I¡¦ll return them by 11/20)
*Note: Your ¡§drafts¡¨ should be just about ¡§final¡¨. I will give comments on CONTENT, but for format, grammar and/or organization problems I will have to refer you to the CSU Writing Center for assistance. Final Paper Due 12/3
Other Guidelines for Undergraduate Student Final Papers:
„h In MS Word
„h Double-spaced
„h Last name on every page in the header
„h Number each page at the bottom with ¡§X of Y¡¨
„h 1 inch margins
„h 12 point font
„h Appropriate Title at the top of the first page
„h Use APA or MLA guidelines for any references in this paper. You may access CSU Writing Center¡¦s website for assistance if needed.
„h LATE PAPERS: Papers are due by midnight on the due date. Papers received after that date will incur a 5% deduction for each day the paper is late. If the paper is more than 3 days late, it will not be accepted.


Beuchamp & Childress
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