5/14/23, 10:58 AM Assignment 3 – SCMG301 B001 Spring 2023 – APEI
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Assignment 3
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May 14, 2023 11:59 PM
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SCMG301 B001 Spring 2023 LE
Assignments Assignment 3
Your assignment due at the end of week 6 focuses on supply chain mapping. This exercise enables the organization
to understand the strengths and weaknesses of its supply chain. Our text discusses a heat map, which is available
to you (see the appendix in the textbook). Flexibility in the supply chain provides a critical foundation to manage
resiliency in the event of disruption. Choose a minimum of four of the twelve examples of flexibility and summarize
their content, role and expected outcomes for an organization. Feel free to research companies and provide
examples of how companies apply some of the examples that you’ve offered. The paper should be a minimum of
500 words, but not more than 1000 words.
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Business Finance – Management SCMG301 Week 6 Assignment
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