Watch the following 1999 film:

  • O’Hara, R., Macaulay, S., Dewis, J., Marx, L. (Producers), & Whaley, F. (Director). (1999). Joe the King [Motion picture]. United States: 49th Parallel, Forensic/291 Films, Lower East Side Films.
    • Please note, this movie contains strong language and violence (rated R). Do not watch it with young children.
    • You will use this movie as the case study for your Integrating Theory Into Professional Practice course project.

You are the social worker for Joe’s family and are tasked with completing an assessment on the family.

  • What are all of the societal factors involved, for each family member?
  • How might these societal factors influence family dynamics?
  • How might these societal factors influence the psychological or biological systems with which they are involved?


Can this be done in 2hrs
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