Read Porsche case carefully and write a strategic analysis of the company.  Describe each of these elements: Porsche’s competitive positioning, industry and external environment, and resources and capabilities.  (750 to 1,500 words). 

Next, I’d like you to give me a 1 page debate, where you argue BOTH sides of this statement: “Porsche has made a critical error in expanding into the SUV and sedan segments, and this will damage their prestige and standing with customers in the long-term.”  

Lastly, make 1-3 strategic recommendations for Porsche (450 to 750 words ). 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The case talks a lot about the location for manufacturing cars.  That is NOT what I’m interested in.  Ignore that aspect of the case and focus instead on the competitive environment, the industry, and Porsche’s core competencies.  Do not write about the decision regarding the location of manufacturing. 

PLEASE ONLY USE MATERIAL FROM THE ATTACHED FILES ! Please be sure to use the Porsche case

Another article to use


Case Paper- Porsche