Case Study for Hospitality

CASE Study;
it is no secret thatin all hotels the director of housekeeping must be able to react quickly and efficientl tc\T.\\’t3~e
any unexpected circumstances that arise. Stephen Rodondi, executive housekeeper at the Regency gt“
Jolla, California, usually starts his workday at 8:00 A.M. with a department meeting.These morning meet‘ la
l help him and the employees to visualize their goals for the day. On this particularly busy day, Rodomzli
rives at work and is told that three housekeepers have called in sick. This is a serious challenge for the hm
because it is overbooked and has all its 400 rooms to service.
Discussion Question K€Y
1. What should Stephen do to maintain standards and ensure that all the guest rooms are serviced?
licaaPP $m«tzCar£esydScqahaIPndm\dLExeanimHwsdeq1a,HyauRegaxy.labua,C2. average call 3C catast Bob ‘Well, director of food and beverage at the Longboat Key Club ant ‘. C33“
Resort, Sarasota, Florida, offers the following advice‘: “Be passtonate about what \ Cifnlrx
s'(}l.1 do and be in touch with the people you work wtth. I tour the property every E dfinc

I I 0- dam’ to get a feelmg for the challenges our team ma§ hm e-1t s tmportantktobe L. » (3 nf
tune wxth what 5 going on,’ Another ptece of ads lC€ ts to net er stop dc;nJo l“% 3”‘ : ‘am
to maintain your fitness so that you can a htgh-energy person.‘ Stu U308“ 31′ 3 tdafi
peat manjr rewards in the hospitality: business, but remember, It s a long totlrfi-E?» ym a process. You now! to expert;-nee all levels an order to lxau‘ me a complete 4?



Case Study for Hospitality
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