Case Study/Scenario

“GE works on things that matter. The best people and the best technologies taking on the toughest challenges. Finding solutions in energy, health and home, transportation and finance. Building, powering, moving and curing the world. Not just imagining. Doing. GE works.”
– From the GE website, (accessed 4th September 2013).
Effective Strategic Operations Management lies at the heart of this competitiveness. Investigate GE (use this web address as the starting point – ), and produce a fully referenced report (using the Harvard Style) of approximately 2500 words, that critically analyses the use of strategic operation management and innovation principles within GE.
The report should include clear links to relevant academic theory based on your findings, and how these relate to the material used during the course.
Your report should contain the following:
? A brief overview of the critical importance of strategic operations management to a world class company.
? Critical review of GE’s Strategic Operations Management activities from manufacturing and product/service perspectives.
30 marks
? Critical assessment of GE’s global capability and evidence of competitive advantage in their product and services.
30 marks
? Critical review of GE’s use of Operations Strategy to increase their overall effectiveness and competitiveness.
30 marks
? Relevant conclusions and recommendations
10 marks
? References
The report should not be merely descriptive, but instead should analyse and synthesise the material to build arguments that ultimately produce a coherent document that demonstrates your learning and understanding, and its application. There must be evidence of the application of concepts and models from the module and research from a range of reputable sources, e.g. academic journals, published conference papers, books etc.



Case Study/Scenario
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