Post-conferences are an integral part of the evaluation process. Collecting evidence during an observation is key when providing specific examples for the teacher’s continued growth. For this assignment, read “Case Study: Mr. Roth.” Based on this scenario, write a 500–750

Activity 2

 1-1.5 pages Questions for Reflection  Where and how do the Seven Sacred Teachings and the Medicine Wheel teachings resonate with teachings you have received?  How do you see these teachings possibly informing how you work with Indigenous families?  How do

dis 5

 The three readings for this module highlight different aspects of the importance of the practice of observing and documenting children’s learning processes. In your discussion this week, reflect and discuss how the module’s content as well as the weekly readings

Week 3 Discussion

300 word minimum.  Search for a qualitative research study in education from the past six months (Link Below). Link: Identify the research design, purpose, and focus of the study.  What is at least one ethical consideration of the researchers

Developmental Disability

How can I conduct a literature review on a particular developmental disability. Describe the etiology, epidemiology, course, diagnostic and assessment procedures, interventions, challenges, strengths, community support programs, societal views, cultural issues? 10 pages  8 articles from peer-reviewed journals How can


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