Throughout the course we have examined that the African American communities have changed drastically  as more Americans have become aware of the injustices faced by millions of people of color. Analyzing African American history, examine the historical processes that led to


 How did the face of black America change in the media and the arts in the late 1970’s and 1980’s? Offer some examples and explain the overall contribution, either positive or negative, of your examples. You can include musicians, TV


 History is often reduced to simple narratives that are easily understood, and most of us relate more readily to stories with obvious heroes and villains. Malcolm Gladwell complicates many of these narratives in his podcast series Revisionist History. In Season


MesoAmerican Culture:   Choose 1 (Environment, Trade, Religion, Political Structure, or Art & Architecture) and discuss its role in MesoAmerican culture as presented in MMW11R.   Compare/contrast this with another culture studied in the course.   Draw on course evidence in your discussion. 


Personally, the most interesting thing to learn regarding early human civilizations was the use of dance as a means of cultural, social, and spiritual significance. As a dancer myself, I found it particularly engaging to learn about how the ancient

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