week 1 discussion

Discuss the following topics: Provide a formal definition for the generic notion of requirement in an IT context. Specialize your definition to a requirement applied to the specification of data modeling and data architecture decisions. Research the following data-related criteria,


discussion centers around the concept of Blockchain.  There is still much confusion regarding what Blockchain is and what it is not.  Please discuss your explanation of Blockchain to include why it has been gaining so much popularity. need 300 words and references

summary writing

   Write a 2-to-3-page long summary and review per each article. Your Article Review should include a summary of the article’s core contents, arguments, conclusions AND your own critical assessment & comment based on your own research on the topic.


Instructions Written Assignment (Final Project)  Topic: “Cyber Security within Homeland Security.” Use the template attached! IMPORTANT Final Project must be at least 10 APA-formatted and referenced pages including title page and references. DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR FINAL PROJECT TO YOUR


Topic: Elements necessary for the diversity program. Please prepare a PPT for  10 slides on below(without introduction slide) and need a reference also in one more slide1. Major elements of Diversity program  2. explain in one case example for the