Corpolate Failure and Forensic Acoounting; Timbercorpand Great southern Plantations
Demonstrates critical analysis skills Mostly descriptive with little/no evidence of critical analysis. Satisfactory level of critical thinking, with some insights, but overly descriptive in some areas. Demonstrates a more than satisfactory level ofinsightful,

critical analysis. Insightful, critical thinking and a high level of understanding clearly evident throughout. Application of knowledge clearly evident, and demonstrates an excellent level of critical reflection. Application of relevant information. Overly descriptive and/or direct reproduction of material from other sources.

Demonstrates an adequate level ofintegration of concepts. Requires development and synthesis of concepts. Demonstrates integration of some concepts, but occasionally lacking consistency. Demonstrates a high level of
integration of concepts into own writing. Excellent level ofintegration of concepts. Clarity of expression Poor communication ofideas due
to careless writing and lack of proof-reading. Outside ofword limit. Some inconsistency in sentence structure. Clarity of expression could
be enhanced by some revision. A satisfactory standard of expression. Relatively clear expression ofideas. Consistent expression and clear
expression ofideas. Comprehension enhanced by excellent written expression and very clear expression ofideas.



Corpolate Failure and Forensic Acoounting; Timbercorpand Great southern Plantations
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