Current Issues in Education Psychology: Annotated Bibliographies

In this assignment, you will be required to select a current issue related to teaching and learning that you would like to research further and learn more about. Although you will be provided with a list of current issues from which you may choose, you are free to choose another issue that interests you as long as your choice is specifically related to the facilitation of teaching and/or learning. From your research of the topic, you will write five annotated bibliographies that revolve around your topic. An annotated bibliography is a brief synopsis and discussion of scholarly research, published in scholarly journals (not Web sites!) no earlier than 2000 (For examples see: The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL):; Cornell University: Olin and Uris Libraries: At least three of your annotated bibliographies must address articles that report empirical research findings (i.e., an article that has methods, results, and discussion sections) and your remaining entries may be theoretical reviews and recommendations. Each annotated bibliography should be no longer than 1.5 double-spaced pages in 12-point Times New Roman font.

Acceptable Journals for Current Issues in Education Project

The following journals are acceptable for this project. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list.
American Educational Research Journal
American Psychologist
British Journal of Educational Psychology
Child Development
Cognitive Science
Contemporary Educational Psychology
Curriculum Inquiry
Curriculum Review
Developmental Psychology
Educational Leadership
Educational Psychologist
Educational Psychology Review
Educational Researcher
Educational Technology Elementary School Journal
Exceptional Children
Harvard Educational Review
Human Development
Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology
Journal of Abnormal Psychology
Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology
Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology
Journal of College Student Development
Journal of Curriculum Studies
Journal of Early Adolescence
Journal of Educational Psychology
Journal of Educational Research
Journal of Higher Education
Journal of Instructional Development
Journal of Learning Disabilities
Journal of Mind and Behavior
Journal of Moral Education
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Journal of Reading Behavior
Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior
Peabody Journal of Education
Phi Delta Kappan
Reading Research Quarterly
Review of Educational Research
Social Behavior and Personality
Teachers College Record


Possible Topics for Current Issues in Education Annotated Bibliographies

The following topics are not intended to be an exhaustive list.

Ability grouping


Authentic learning


Brain-based research

Cognitive science, neuroscience, and educational practice

Current thinking on effective models of discipline

Crisis intervention in the schools

Current trends in teacher

Current trends in classroom management
Curriculum and classroom efforts to facilitate student understanding of self and/or others

Developing a sense of community within schools
Developmentally appropriate curricula and methods of education

English language learners

Exceptional students: curriculum & instructional techniques
Facilitating multiple intelligences in the classroom
Gender equity in the classroom

Learning styles
Models and outcomes of educational reform
Models for and/or outcomes of parental involvement in schools

Moral and character education
Motivation and learning
Multicultural education
Multiple intelligence

Non-traditional forms of education (i.e., home schooling, online, acceleration, etc.)

Non-verbal communication

Parental involvement in education

Problem-solving & creativity

School violence

Teacher and student accountability

Testing and assessing learning in the classroom

Transfer (retention and forgetting)
The impact of educational technology on teaching and learning

The impact of school voucher programs on learning and teaching

The impact of various instructional designs on learning




Current Issues in Education Psychology: Annotated Bibliographies
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