Curriculum Design

Design a 10-week language learning program for a group of learners.
Stage 1
Design a 10-week program suitable for a future class that you wish to teach. Present the program in a tabular framework. At minimum you should include the following in your framework:
? Topics
? Language focus (structure, function, lexical, phonological etc.)
? Skills focus
? Goals
? Outcomes
? Resources
? Tasks/activities
? Assessing learning
Stage 2
Then write a course rationale using the principles of curriculum design you have learned. Reference your justification with in-text citations and provide a reference list of recent works by different authors.
Include the following in your rationale:
1. Class profile:
o Teaching context, e.g. school, university, private institute
o Students? age, language and social background
o Broad level of proficiency
o Type of class, e.g. general, academic, school subject
o Student general motivation/interest in English
o Length of lessons and number of hours taught per week.
2. Needs analysis:
o Learners? entry and exit levels.
o Scope
o Sequence
3. Situation analysis:
o Contextual factors
o Learner factors
o Teacher factors
o Cultural considerations
4. Theories underlying your design of this program for this group of learners.
Stage 3: Submission to
Further information will be provided in class and


Curriculum Design
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