Design and Technology

Assignment Directions
Citations of published papers and internet should follow a consistent and accepted format (e.g. see Citation for Research Papers at You can also use any standard citation technique with which you are comfortable (e.g., APA style). One good format is used for the Winter Simulation Conference which has proceedings of all papers of annual meetings going back several decades ( For each of the five assignments, limit your answer to 2-3 pages of single spaced text, excluding references). Note: the page limitations do not mean that you have to that number of pages in your answers which may be shorter. All questions are worth five points.

For all assignments strive for clarity and answer the question(s) directly.

Assignment Details
The US military uses a taxonomy of simulation that includes live, virtual and constructive simulations. Define, describe and illustrate these three kinds of simulation using actual examples. Characterize typical uses of the examples that you pick and discuss the benefits of the particular application. There are many sources for this information, including websites used in this course, articles, videos, etc.– especially Essentials of Modeling and Simulation (Simulation Module). Another good source is the Wikipedia article- Live, Virtual and Constructive.


Design and Technology
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