Part A

Imagine yourself working for your dream company. What is that company or what is that role?

  • What do you think would constitute a high-impact interaction with a customer or prospective client in this company or role?
  • How do you think you should prepare for such, and indeed every, interaction?

Part B

The cost-benefit analysis regarding continuing customer relationships requires a 360-degree view and evaluation of the relationship from the company’s perspective, as well as the customer’s. Below are the two perspectives and several key considerations in each:

Company: loss of control, exit costs, resource commitment, opportunity costs, reciprocity (referral)

Customer: product/service’s complexity, strategic significance, service/support requirements, total cost of ownership, fear of dependency, lack of perceived value in the relationship, lack of confidence in the supplier, customer is not relationship-centric, rapid technological changes

Select two key considerations from each point of view. Then, share your thoughts on how these considerations can impact customer satisfaction.

  • Under what conditions might these considerations lead to a continued relationship?
  • Under what conditions might the relationship terminate?

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