Discussion post for the argumentative essay


For this discussion post, outline the basic claims of your argument.

That’s it. That’s the homework.

Remember when we did the claims and subclaims? And how we outlined a basic argument about smoking on campus? You need to do that for your argument.

First, provide your thesis: Although smoking is legal for adults, we should ban smoking on campus for health and environmental reasons. 

Then, outline the reasons that will support your thesis:

  1. We should ban smoking on campus because it is harmful for students and faculty with allergies
  2. We should ban smoking on campus because of students and faculty with asthma and other lung problems.
  3. Smoking should not be allowed on campus because people leave butts on the grass that kill it and it’s dirty.
  4. Smoking’s harm on campus wildlife highlights the need to ban smoking on campus. 
  5. Despite the legality of smoking, we should ask smokers to not smoke for the couple of hours they are on campus. 








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