Discussion: Project Resources

  • You have been assigned as the new project manager for a six-month project to implement your firms new compensation and benefits system. You will be stepping in to replace the current project manager. One of the reasons the project manager is being replaced is because the project schedule had the wrong resources assigned (e.g., resources who do not fully understand compensation and benefits). You have been asked to solve this problem quickly by either replacing the resources or getting the resources up-to-speed on compensation and benefits. Present your recommendation for solving this critical resource problem by reviewing the pros and cons of each option.
  • Support your comments by citing quality academic references such as our Kloppenborg 4e textbook (Chapter 9 addresses Project Resourcing), project management sources from the Strayer Library, PMBOK, and other reliable references.
  • Be sure to engage your classmates in a discussion.  This involves returning to the discussion periodically to respond to classmates’ comments on your posts as well as posting your comments on others’ initial posts.  The discussion period for this discussion spans three weeks.  (See the Discussion Overview in Instructor Insights.)


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