The Eldra Jackson video for this week really highlight the socialization of gender and the messages that we receive growing up (and not just from our families) that shape our ideas about gender.

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Compare/contrast your own gender socialization with Jackson’s. What messages about being a male/female did you receive growing up? (I am using gender binary constructs here since this is how we have historically been socialized, but feel free to discuss non-binary socialization if you prefer).
There are many problematic societal messages we receive about gender:  toxic masculinity, sexism, gender pay inequality, objectification of women, violence against women, etc.  Choose one and discuss how we might unlearn or resist these messages? How might one of the agents of socialization (see Barkan pp. 185-187 or eBook, chapter 8.2) help in this unlearning or resistance?
Video :


Discussion -Challenging Gender Messages and LGBTQ Myths