Hello, please answer the following questions fully. Responses should be at least 150 words per question. Please make sure questions are addressed and answered in full. Each question must include at least one reliable source and must be cited in APA format. Please no plagiarism. Thank you.


  1. Discuss the impact of the Progressive movement on the creation of the Arizona Constitution, including the declaration of rights, ballot initiatives, and recall of judges. Defend your position with examples from this week’s resources or other readings.



  1. Compare and contrast the U.S. Constitution and the Arizona Constitution. Discuss three findings that account for the significant differences in length. Include at least one source to support your answer.


  1. Is due process required prior to an afterschool detention? Why or why not? You must support your position with examples from case law, the U.S. Constitution, or other readings.


  1. Describe three aspects of due process for a school seeking to suspend a student with disabilities. Refer to the readings in this topic for further assistance.



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