1-In what ways do coal production and consumption contribute to environmental pollution? (at least 1 paragraph for full credit)





2-Beyond oil spills, what are the other major environmental impacts of oil production, transport, storage, and consumption?

(at least 1 paragraph for full credit)






3-Even without the possibility of a nuclear accident, no primary energy source seems to generate more controversy and debate in the U.S. than nuclear power. Discuss 3 important environmental impacts that are a result of the normal operation of a nuclear power plant. (Response should be 2-3 paragraphs)




4-List four (4) countries that are dominant players in the trade of oil commodities?






5-Briefly describe what causes a meltdown at a nuclear power facility. (1 paragraph)






6-What does peak oil mean and why are scientists concerned about the future of oil production?






7-What is radiation? Are all forms of radiation dangerous? Why or why not? (1 paragraph)







8-What is the difference between fossil fuel resources, estimated reserves, and proven reserves?






9-What does OPEC stand for? (double check spelling for full points)






10-What does NIMBY stand for?






11-How has Earth’s atmosphere changed over planetary history?

Refer to Atmosphere 1, 2, and 3 referenced in lecture slides.








12-What is fracking?

With the Cohen framework in mind:

Describe how fracking might be considered an issue of values.

Describe how fracking might be considered and issue of science and technology.

2-3 paragraphs for full credit






13-What is “greenwashing”? 

Give one (1) example of greenwashing that you’ve encountered OR research an example of greenwashing and describe it.

 1-2 paragraphs for full credit. Don’t forget to cite your sources if you research an example.





14-During class, we listened to the Refuge Revealed podcast. This podcast (available on Moodle) focused on oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Reflect back on what you heard OR Listen to the podcast again.

With the Cohen Framework in mind:

1) Describe how drilling in the ANWR might be considered a POLITICAL issue.

2) Describe how oil drilling in ANWR might be considered an ECONOMIC issue.

3) Describe how oil drilling in ANWR might be considered an issue of VALUES.

See Cohen Framework worksheet on the Moodle class page for more information on how to think about environmental issues in terms of the Cohen Framework. 

Each response should be approximately 1-2 paragraphs for full credit.



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