Sabrina Middleton



27 February 2023


“Why the Beach is a Bummer”

The article I chose to read is “Why the Beach is a Bummer” by Roxane Gay. Roxane wrote this article to explain to her readers why she does not like the beach despite her looking forward to the summer every year. She initially started off by describing the things most of us look forward to when thinking about the summer and being able to enjoy the beach like beach reads, fruity drinks, crystal clear water and warm weather. Roxane then went on to expound on the realities of spending time at the beach in her opinion and why she is not a fan of spending time there. Some of the reasons she spoke of was the sand in her crevices, in fact she doesn’t like sand at all, sticky children, inadequate bathing suits riding up in all the wrong places, filthy water, pets and she is not an animal person, and the fact that these days if you don’t have the perfect “beach body” you may end up on social media getting made a mockery of. She also mentioned the big plans she always makes for the summer but instead ends up at home binge watching “Barefoot Contessa”. The audience Roxane Gay is trying to reach are people who view the beach scene similarly to the way she does to let them know they are not alone. Some potential challenges she may face with this article is the fact that some people genuinely enjoy the beach and may not agree or like the way she talks about something they find pleasant and delightful.





Gay, Roxane. “Why the beach is a bummer.” New York Times, 27 July 2014, p. 8(L). Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints, Accessed 27 Feb. 2023.


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