For your term project, pick an ethnicity/culture that is completely different from your own. You may not choose the U.S., any culture that you grew up in, lived in for significant periods of time or have one or both parents from.
Over the next 9 weeks, please do the following.
1. Obtain an annual calendar of events from an organization of that ethnic group. Ask someone from that culture to explain the significance of all the events in the calendar. (4-5 pages)
2. Attend a celebration/event with members of the ethnic group. Write up a report on the event that will include the significance, the modes of celebration, the organization of the event and aspects that differ from your own culture. (4-5 pages)
3. Make an appointment to see a representative of a trade mission, consulate or embassy from a country belonging to that ethnic group. Interview this person and obtain information on the business climate, and the feasibility of doing business there. Provide me a transcript of the interview along with the name and contact details for the interviewee. (Depends on transcript).
4. Suppose your company wants to do business in that country. Make a list of all the sources of data that you can find to evaluate the cultural issues that the company needs to consider. Now draw up a brief report providing your company with an understanding of the major cultural issues your company will face. (4-5 pages)



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