Discuss how your selected tech topic connects to the fundamentals of information technology covered in this course.
(Fundamentals: History and future of computers (Weeks 1 and 4)
How computers operate,
Major hardware components and functions of a modern computer system,
Programming languages,
Applications software,
Database management,
Network architecture,
Network management and security)
Explain how your chosen tech topic relates to the concepts of information technology and computer science, including the history of computers and the means by which computers operate.
Evaluate how your chosen tech topic relies on the major hardware components and functions of a modern computer system.
Explain how your chosen tech topic uses programming languages and program execution methods.
Analyze the role that application software plays with regard to your chosen tech topic.
Describe how your chosen tech topic relates to the basic concepts of database and database management.
Illustrate how the basic concepts of network architecture, management, and security influence your chosen tech topic.
Support your statements with evidence from sources.


Evaluate How Your Chosen Tech Topic Relies On The Major Hardware Components And Functions Of A Modern Computer System.