Quintezha Diggs
Professor Carolyn Bauhaus
ENGL1013 English Composition 1 Section 21P
2 October 2022
Extended Definition Outline: Poverty
Outline for paper
Topic: poverty
Thesis Statement: Poverty has been limited for long to mean lack of money necessary to access quality lifestyle, medical attention, education, shelter, and food among other basic needs ignoring other critical factors like marginalization, social and economic exclusion that communicates a detailed message about poverty.

Body Paragraph 1: Background
Sources being used:
Source 3: Britanica.com (provides context on what poverty is all about, how I starts, and the various types of poverty)
Source 4: Studysmarter.us (provides detailed information on how different definitions of poverty have been developed as mankind has continued to evolve and making the issue of poverty to be understood from different perspectives)
Source 1: image 1 (shows a clear picture of poverty from a marginalized and social exclusion perspective)
Source 2: images 2 (depicts poverty from a lack of money perspective)

Body Paragraph 2: Inventions
Sources being used:
Source 5: World Economic Forum.com (the source provides more information of the continuous strategies that have been put in place in the past, current and future plans to eradicate poverty of different forms)
Source 6: United Nations (shares insights on the poverty journey and applicable measures that can bring poverty to an end)
Source 7: Concern Worldwide US.org (shares 7 applicable solutions or interventions that would curb poverty on a global level)

Body Paragraph 3: Key Hindrances
Sources being used:
Source 5: World Economic Forum.com (shares some challenges that have been faced in the past and current making poverty eradication a complex challenge and how some of these hindrances makes it possible for poverty to last even longer)
Source 4: Studysmarter.us (shares valid points on why marginalization and social exclusion remains key challenges in eradicating poverty and also causing all other types of poverty apart from lack of money)
Body Paragraph 4: milestones achieved
Sources being used:
Source 8: Worldbank.org (provides a clear comparison of poverty before civilization, after civilization and introduction or advanced technology, and modern-day situation to show great milestones achieved).
Source 5: Economic Forum.com (provides some evidence to show levels of progress when it comes to poverty eradication as various mitigation strategies are put in place.
Poverty has affected the world negatively and more so individual people. All the same it is something that has granted people a chance to learn from their mistakes and implement solutions that would change the situation for the better. With present desire to fight all forms of poverty, it is possible to have a better world in the future.


Relative vs Absolute Poverty



Extended Definition Assignment
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