FDI analysis of Brazil

This order requires you to explore and evaluate the risk, costs and benefits of political, economic and legal systems with respect to Brazil. However, the primary learning objective of this assessment task is to appreciate the macro-economic causes of growth in an economy and the subsequent and/or consequential influence on FDI. Through an analysis of the political economy in this context, this assessment is also designed to evaluate your ability to apply your understanding of the political economy and country attractiveness for investment.

1. Executive summary
2. Table of content (with page number)
3. Introduction: (150 words)
-Background of your chosen country
-Reasons for investing in your chosen country
-Purpose and outline of report
4. Political Economy Analysis
-What is political economy?
-The significance of using political economy to analyse your chosen country
-Political economy analysis table (Appendix)
-Comparison of three systems
4.1 Political system- Benefits, Risks and Costs
4.2 Economic system – Benefits, Risks and Costs
4.3 Legal system- Benefits, Risks and Costs
5. Recommendation
6. Conclusion
Country’s attractiveness for foreign direct investment
7. Reference list (at least 15 scholarly references with APA Style and Do not include any Internet website data, popular or management magazines, or dictionary entries and sources should be from 2010 until now)
8. Appendix
Political Economy Analysis Table



FDI analysis of Brazil
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