Based on two feedbacks for Math Lesson for kindergarten: Different ways to make the number 5 write 500 words response by answering all 8 questions.


Analyze results from the lesson

  • How would you apply this feedback going forward?
  • What did I learn about my practice, student learning, what worked well and how do I know that, where would I do something differently and why?
  • Where was intellectual engagement, instructional pacing, etc.?
  • Where would you make the most significant adjustment and why?


  • What are your next steps in implementing this feedback?
  • What supports do you need?
  • What questions do you have?
  • How will this feedback help you become a more effective educational professional?


Feedback #1

I really enjoyed watching your lesson! The students really looked like they were really understanding the material being taught. One glow that you had in your lesson was that you were monitoring student behavior (Danielson 2D). Throughout the lesson, you were constantly checking in with your students and assessing them informally to make sure they were understanding the material being taught. Another grow that you had in your lesson was that you did a great job of organizing physical space (Danielson 2E). You had your students sit on the carpet so that they won’t be distracted by anything else and they would be close to the smart board that you were teaching on. That was a great way of using the space you have to your advantage. One grow that I would say needed improvement on was student engagement. (3C engaging students in learning). The students can get very distracted and not pay attention as much if the teacher is not walking around the classroom and using different techniques to engage the students. Another grow that I would say needed improvement was that there was not much student discussion and questions being asked throughout the lesson. Students need to think critically and deeply about what they are learning (Danielson 3B “questioning and discussion techniques”. This keeps the students brains working and makes sure that they are really understanding the material being taught.


Feedback #2

I enjoyed seeing your lesson.

Glow #1 In Danielson framework 3a  you demonstrated the ability to extend the students vocabulary. You did this by putting on the Jack Hartman video. Using visuals and providing different ways to teach the material is very important especially in early childhood.

Glow #2 You provided many different ways to make the number 5 and kept reflecting back to the video. Singing is a great way to remember things. You provided different math  manipulative and that was good differentiation.

Grow #1 based on Danielson framework 2d I noticed that the children were very distracted. I would have liked to see more consistency in class room management. Student teacher responses were not always successful.

Grow #2 I would have liked to have seen how you began the independent work. How did you transition them back to their seats?

In Danielson framework 3d Paces instruction and provides closure. I also would have liked to see how you ended the lesson.


Over all I enjoyed your lesson.







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