This is the Final project, of the class, part 2 instructions ( my company is Tesla). By the way, I already did part one here but I had some comments from the professor about part 1 so I will choose another writer and I will upload the part 1 file:

For your company from part 1, go back to Yahoo Finance.
1) Go to Summary and answer the following questions. Pick a particular day :
a. Which stock market exchange is your company traded at?
b. What is your firms previous close price, days range, and 52-week range?
c. What is your firms market capitalization, PE ratio and EPS ratio? What do the
PE and EPS ratio tell you about the company? Do these ratios look attractive to
you as an investor or not?
d. Is your company expected to pay a dividend? If yes, how much? Does paying a
dividend matter to you as investor? Why/why not?
2) Review your companys business model (see Profile) and the news about your
company on Yahoo Finance. Given this information, what opportunities and threats does your company face?
BA303: Assignment 1
3) Review Conversations and analyst recommendations on Yahoo Finance. What does the investment community think about your company? Can you identify any opportunities or threats? What is the recommendation of analysts?
4) Review Holders. What percentage of shares are held by institutions and insiders?
5) Review Sustainability and briefly discuss how your company performs, compared to its
peers, with regard to environmental, social and governance issues. With regard to ESG ratings, does your company perform well, average or poorly? Would this ESG performance have an impact on your investment decision? Why/why not?
6) Based on your analysis of Yahoo Finance information, would you invest in this company? Why/why not?
7) With regard to your financial statement analysis in part 1, has part 2 changed your opinion about investing in this company? Why/why not?


Financial Statement Analysis and Stock Market Investment