Individual digital art/exhibition critique


write a critique based on the PowerPoint presentation attached. It is basically about a series of visual art videos, hence I need the assignment specifically related to the artwork. The professor’s instruction is below:
Each group member will be responsible for individually writing up a 4 to 5 page summary of the group’s presentation. Do try to answer all the questions, but do feel free to put an emphasis on the material you focused on in your own part of the presentation.
Your critique should be formally written up and contain AT LEAST THREE scholarly sources to back up your answers. It will be due the week following your presentation.
Questions to frame your presentation and critique
1) Briefly profile the artist and describe the artwork. Who is (are) he/she (they)? What is the nature of their new media art practice? What makes the artwork an example of “new media art”?
2) What is the idea/model/definition of new media you think the artist is working with? Are they working with conventional ideas or trying to “push the boundaries” so to speak?
3) What sort of problems/controversies/issues surrounding new media is the artist playing with? What questions does their artwork raise about the relationship between media, technology and culture?
4) What are the key technologies that the artist is utilizing? How is the artist deploying them? What sort of history do these technologies have in new media art?



Individual digital art/exhibition critique
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