Fin232 International Finance

Konstantinos Antoniou








The purpose of the project is to write a currencyreport. Currency reports are routinely prepared anddistributed by investment banks to clients worldwide. Currency reports mainly analyze and forecast exchange rates. Typically, a currency report is focused on either one or a set of exchange rates.


The main objectives of the project are for the students to demonstrate an understanding of the role of the currency markets in society. They will be asked to identify the reasons they make their investment decisions and their strategy.


The students will be acting as individual investors; they will be given a portfolio of 2000 Euros; the portfolio (and all the transactions) will be monitored on a weekly basis with the use of a program designed for this case.


Students will make their first transactions. During this period, students should explain in detail their investment strategy and policy, portfolio goals, and the factors that affected these decisions. They are expected to analyze and discuss the level of risk and return their portfolio has, and provide the reasoning for their investment decisions. At the end of the semester, they will evaluate the performance of the portfolio, and discuss and reflect on their experience and the challenges of the project.

Students are encouraged to use sources other than their textbooks such as Internet sites, newspapers and articles from magazines since knowledge of current situation concerning the global economy is very important in supporting their decisions.


The report will be graded based on quality of content, quality of exposition, and the extent to which it feels professionally executed. If you use quotes from a source, you should always clearly acknowledge. The report should be no less than one and no more than 1500 words long.




  • This is an individual assignment.
  • Assignments should be 1.500 words long (excluding tables and graphs) with 12-size font and double-spacing between lines.
  • Assignments must be typed and submitted in Moodle on the day they are due.
  • Where coursework is submitted late and there are no accepted extenuating circumstances it will be penalized in line with the following tariff:
    • Submission within 6 working days: a 10% reduction for each working day late down to the 40% pass mark and no further.
    • Submission that is late by 7 or more working days: submission refused, mark of 0.



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