Group Report Structure:

Section 1 – National Overview (from 500 words up to 1000 words): Analyse and compare the national performance through the main macroeconomic indicators. Students can provide the graphs and tables to support the analysis.


Section 2 – Monetary and Fiscal Policies (from 500 words up to 1500 words): Critically compare the main components of the public policy in both countries: • Monetary policy in the economies (interest rates, money supply, reserve requirements, exchange rates and their regimes) • Fiscal policy in the economies (general structure, overall tax burden, tax rates)

Section 3 – Business Enabling Policies and Important Reforms (from 500 words up to 1500 words): Analyse and compare the business framework and recent reforms (if any) to stimulate investments in both countries.

Section 4 – Conclusion (max 500 words) Answer the key study question. Provide final comments and recommendations.

Section 5 – References At least 10 credible resources (Harvard method of referencing). Format Style:


  • Font size 12, Times New Roman • 1.5 spacing • Cover page with course title, instructor’s name, names and student numbers, assessment title, word count • Table of contents should be provided • All pages should be numbered • Need to use at least 10 different references. Suggested texts should not be the sole source of reference. References need to be credible. Ask if in doubt. • Use a spellchecker

My part is Section3, and the country is Thailand.  Words count is around 600-700.



Macroeconomic Report: Thailand Business Enabling Policies And Important Reforms
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