Project Overview: Do not try to complete this assignment based on a movie you previously watched. Your analysis will be weak and you will not receive full credit.  You must review the criteria and then watch the movie again.

Must be minimum of 4 full pages for full credit. Remember, your name/date/my name/class info do not count toward the page length.  The computer gives me all of this information.)

1. Name of the Movie and the Main Characters
Give the name of the movie and the names of the main characters.

2. Plot  (Maximum of ½ page. Must be in your own words.)
Give a brief, concise summary of the plot in your own words and be sure to include how the movie relates to the field of special education.  If it is more than ½ page it will NOT COUNT toward your overall page length.

3. Type of the Disability
Describe the type of disability or disabilities that are portrayed in the movie.

4. Attitudes/Barriers within the Family, School System, or Community
Discuss any attitudes that created barriers for the person with the disability with the family, school system, and or the community.

5. Resources Available to the Person and/or Families 
Were resources available to the person with the disabilities or their family?  If so, what were they?  If not, why not?  What types of resources would have proven helpful?

6. Connecting the Movie to Your Readings (PowerPoints, Article, or Other Source)
Based on outside information,  how was the person portrayed in the movie?  Was it realistic? How does it compare to what you read?  In addition to your analysis for this section, formally quote and cite the source  a minimum of 2 times for full credit.

7. Understanding
What message was the video trying to communicate about the person with disabilities and their family or friends?  Did the video promote better understanding of people with disabilities for you? How?  If not, why not?  Be specific.

8. Assignment Evaluation
What is your opinion of this assignment? Was it a worthwhile learning experience? Do you have any recommendation for changing or improving the assignment?

Movie: Children of a Lesser God


Movie Analysis
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