online media for advertising purposes

1. Discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of using online media for advertising purposes.

2. Discuss some ways one can use traditional media to drive traffic to online and mobile media sites.

3. Choose two websites- one that you find particularly enjoyable in terms of its use of online advertising and one that you find particularly annoying. Discuss in detail the reasons for your opinions by using examples from the sites.

4.Jot down several advantages to integrating mobile advertising into the advertising media plan.

5. Describe your social media site of choice. Write a brief presentation describing in detail the reasons for your choice, including ease of use and connectivity.

6. List several reasons why it is important for an advertiser to monitor the performance of its social media site.

7. Choose a gaming site with which you are familiar. Design a marketing communications message to be integrated into the gaming site that is both impressive and not intrusive. explain you choices.

8. Give reasons why advertising on a gaming site might return excellent results.

9. Explain how application technologies may create value for businesses and the advertising medium.


online media for advertising purposes
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