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Instructional Designer/A&P Mechanic/ Technical Trainer, looking to develop and provide impactful technical training to meet the needs of our teammates and the business at the Georgia, manufacturing location or other locations as required. My work spans from manufacturing, aircraft maintenance, design and testing, engineering, maintenance management, flight operations, production control, to training. Experience in rotary-wing, fixed-wing and spacecraft as well as composite materials.

With over 15 years’ experience of creating, developing, implementing new or enhancing existing technical training environments for increased learner efficiency and effectiveness within the aerospace industry. I am known for providing training that is learner-centered and using resources where best applicable to the desired outcomes, using technologies for best affect.


Examples of my achievements include:

Restructured an avionics program at a licensed FAA Part 147 Academy in Florida that increased student attendance by 50% and increased student certification of NCATT AET and FCC Elements 1,3,8 by 40%.

Performed job roles as director of maintenance, maintenance manger in and out of government contracts ensuring aircraft readiness and meeting flight programs exceeding 4,000 hour annually. These include flight operations within and outside the United States.

Working with a commercial spaceflight company, implemented an employee training program for technical training resulting in safe and successful spaceflight in a grueling test flight program.


I hold great confidence that my background and experience can positively impact the training needs at your company and meet the goals and expectations of the business model. Please. feel free to contact me with any questions at your convenience- stay safe.

Thank you for your consideration.




Kenneth Fietz



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