policy analyst

Test 2 essay questions: Answer each question with one strong paragraph.
1. What are think tanks, and how are they involved in policy development? What concerns might be raised about their involvement? As a policy analyst, how would you address such concerns? Please provide one or more examples to support your answer.
2. What kind of information would you want to collect to conduct a political feasibility analysis of Social Security reform (and from whom, in general terms)?
3. Identify a particular public policy problem and give an example of an operational measure that reflects it. Explain why your measure is appropriate to that problem?
4. Based on your study of policy tools in Chapter 5, choose an example policy issue to work with (such as student debt, fracking, aging population, the space program, immigration policy, attracting jobs, or your own). Discuss four of the policy tools available and how they could be applied to this problem, explaining what they are and how they work.
5. Discuss the political and institutional approaches to understand proposed policy alternatives.
6. The beginning of chapter 6, “Assessing Policy Alternatives” includes this statement: “This fascinating energy debate over the last several years included nearly every criterion and method that policy analysts typically use to assess public policy proposals.” Choose three of the evaluative criteria discussed in the chapter and illustrate how each criterion was illustrated in the debate about energy.


policy analyst
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