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Type of Sport

The All-Star Warriors of the Teen League Volleyball organization will be playing a competitive sport, volleyball. This sport is very popular and interesting. Chatterjee, Ghosh, & Biswas (2023) suggests the game of volleyball is a popular and competitive sport with the purpose of defeating the other team. This sport requires skills and knowledge of the tactical system. Chatterjee, Ghosh, & Biswas (2023) suggests volleyball requires high performance and a tactical system. It demands physical fitness, mental alertness, power, reaction time, coordination abilities, and other factors. This game will improve balance, teach teamwork, and allow students to remain physically fit.


The All-Star Warriors team was created for young teen girls ages 14 to 18. According to a survey conducted among teen girls in the United States, 43.9% of those surveyed do not participate in sports, meanwhile 29.8% participate in only one sport and 26.3% participate in two or more sports. More specifically, volleyball is the most popular teen girl sport in the US (Zarrett & Veliz, 2021). Creating a sports team specifically for young teen girls was to instill in them the many benefits the game brings to each player. Zarrett & Veliz (2021) suggests teen girls that play sports will have positive development. Playing sports, like volleyball, teaches young girls the importance of teamwork, self-discipline, and allows them the opportunity to explore their inner strengths.


The All-Stars Warriors have a coach in charge of the group and strength coaches for offense and defense. A college understudy has been allowed to assist the coach with organizing and planning hones, overseeing social media, and all group communications. These three people will make up the coaching staff and be mindful of the team’s victory. The group will require a director to handle authoritative assignments such as requesting supplies and organizing travel. (“Organizing A Volley Ball Team”, 2019.)The supervisor will be needed to help with these assignments. The team will, too, require coaches and therapeutic staff to supply physical and mental support to the players.


Upon research, Zribi (2022) suggests that the game of volleyball requires short and quick displacements and jumps that are defensive or offensive. It requires running, repetitive jumping, and rapid directional changes. Specifically, players must serve, spike, pass, and block the ball. Considering all the actions the game requires, there is a high strain on the upper and lower body.  To ensure the safety of the players when playing, practice will be held every Tuesday and Thursday. These two days a week will be committed to training for specific positions and training on the specific fundamentals of the game, while Monday and Wednesday will be weight training to ensure strength. This practice schedule will prepare the All-Star Warriors for any future challenge. The All-Star Warriors will go over positions and scrimmaging at the beginning of training on their practice days.


Volleyball gear would be a need for the All-Stars Warriors and would be given by local neighborhood school. KJS market and Walmart Supercenter have vowed to contribute $2000 towards acquiring the group gear. Guardians of the group individuals have promised to buy extra gear, such as nets, balls, defensive equipment, and group members’ regalia when necessary. The hardware cost will be divided among the individuals. The group will buy safe parts such as nets, balls, and defensive adapt as required.( ” Volleyball Gear And Equipment”, 2019).  Moreover, they will have to always have a first aid kit in case of wounds amid hone or recreations.

The group will moreover require a few essential office supplies such as a printer, paper, pens, and a computer. It will empower the coaches and directors to make practice plans, organize group photographs, and arrange group activities. The group will buy a video camera and tripod to record hones and diversions. The All-Stars Warriors will also require buying group regalia and warm-ups for the players to wear amid diversions and hones. Group individuals will have to have a sack for their hardware and regalia. The gear and staffing for the All-Stars Warriors will guarantee that the group can have a compelling season. The gifts from the nearby tall school and stores and the commitments from group guardians will ensure the group has the assets to have an exciting season.


Volleyball is a very trendy and growing sport all around the world, but to attain what it takes to make it happen and run a team, you must know how to operate the marketing side and the funding. The two coincide with each other because if you want to fundraise you have to understand how to market the team you are promoting. It takes three simple steps to be productive in marketing and funding. First, the website should be designed and there are simple tactics you can use to increase views and questions. Secondly, allow social media content to drive the passion, power, and ambition we need for marketing. Lastly, allow players to represent the team through testimonies of games, practices, and more. It is essential all throughout the marketing stage that the team aspect is presented well and that the players are given praise and respect because they are what makes the team (Keenan,2023).

When dealing with a volleyball team funding is very important because it is what keeps the team going. The four most important ways to allow funding to progress. First, coincide with the marketing aspect of this and present ideas on the website that include fundraising, donations, and sponsorship. Secondly, the team should host a volleyball tournament and the winner will win money and donate to that team. Thirdly, sell products, food, and concessions because this will attract people to want to come to participate in your games. Lastly, allow your team to organize a clinic to team people how to play volleyball and understand the rules (Knutson,2018). With these four simple steps being given it will allow the team to come together and work for the betterment of their team and it will not just be handed to them.

The betterment of the marketing strategy will allow people to be attracted to the volleyball team and it will cause interest and speculation. Allowing people to stay connected through marketing is a great opportunity to allow for fundraising to be brought up because it helps people really become part of something and become part of the importance of the team.


With all the benefits that come from being part of a sports team there is still the risk of accident and injury. Especially since there are children involved, it is vital to ensure the team in case something does happen. Luckily, many insurance providers have a well-rounded youth sport insurance program ready to quote, but it is important to know what it covers. The National Alliance for Youth Sports, or NAYS, has provided the insurances needed for youth sports. Firstly, accident insurance covers both team members and staff and will help cover the cost of providing the necessary treatment to those injured during sport-related events. Next, general liability insurance will cover certain lawsuits that accuse the organization of negligence leading to bodily injury. This is what is a common necessity among sport teams everywhere. Optionally, there are policies that can be used by organizations, if necessary, but the All-Star Warriors will be having general liability and accident insurance provided to ensure safety.


There will be sport specific rules that will include many of the basics for volleyball, such as age range and gender requirements, scoring and fouling. There will also be rules specific to the league and teams. The most important rule will be the conduct of sportsmanship. Every player, coach and parent are expected to hold high standards of ethics. If there is a debate on a play or move than it is to be taken in a professional manner. If there are any violations, then disciplinary actions will be considered and given based on severity. All players, coaches and parents will be held to these standards, held accountable if they are involved in misconduct, and will be reprimanded in a way deemed fit by either the coach or the league board.


The All-Stars Warriors are a committed and excited bunch of young people prepared to require anything that comes their way. The Warriors can have a productive season with the correct adapter and staffing. The blessings from the adjacent school and stores and commitments from guardians will ensure the gathering has enough assets to create the season a triumph. With the right people and equipment, the Warriors will be arranged to go up against the challenges ahead and be victors.




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