Throughout this course, you will be creating a series of parent handouts focused on the various ages and stages of development. The second week of class has discussed genetic and environmental influences on development, prenatal development, and the newborn stage; therefore, this will be the focus of your Week 2 assignment. Continuing with the same template from your Week 1 Theory Parent Handout assignment, complete the slides for the Week 2 portion.

To prepare:


For your assignment, complete the following:


  • Describe two genetic factors that can influence prenatal development.
  • Describe two environmental factors that can influence prenatal development.
  • Discuss how you will use Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory to support families during the prenatal and newborn stage.
  • Explain three resources for families to support them during the prenatal and newborn stage of development. Be sure to include a link to each resource.
    • One resource should be a quick read for families on the go.
    • One resource should be more detailed for families who want to learn more.
    • One resource should be user-friendly for diverse families (e.g., ELL, single parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, etc.).


  • Explain the role of an educator in supporting the prenatal development of families in their care.
  • Describe how the ideas you shared in the parent handout section of this assignment are supported by the theory you aligned with in your Week 1 Discussion: Child Development Theories.
  • Discuss how an understanding of each family’s cultural context can make you a more effective educator during this time frame.


The Prenatal and Newborn Parent Handout assignment

  • Must be three pages in length and formatted according to template.
  • Must utilize academic voice. See the Academic VoiceLinks to an external site.resource for additional guidance.
  • Must use at least two scholarly sources in addition to the course text. These scholarly resources should be different than the resources provided for families. Must follow APA StyleLinks to an external outlined in the Writing Center.



Prenatal And Newborn Parent Handout Week 2
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