Problem Evaluation and Resolution Research

Does alcoholic consumption impact on UC students friendships.
Survey Questions
1. What is your gender?
A. Male B. Female
2. What is your country of origin? ______________________
3. What is yourage group?
A. 18 – 22 B. 22 – 26 C. over 26
4. What personality do you think you are?
A. Outgoing B. Withdrawn C. In between D.Others ______
5. How often are you drinking with friends?
A. Never B. Drinking sometimes C. Frequently D. Always
6. Where are you usually drink with friends?
A. Pub B. Party C. Own house D. Restaurant E. Others ______
7. What are the main reasonsof your friend to drink? (You may choose more than one answer.):
A. Need for social interaction B. Party or festival celebrating C. When feel depressed D.Just for exciting E. Other _______
8. Have you ever had trouble with your friendbecause his/her drinking habits?
A. Normal B. Sometimes C. Never
9. Rank the following aspects of the types of drinking your friend likesfrom 1 to 5 in order of often (1=most often; 5(or 6) = least with)
1. Red wine 2. White wine 3.Beer 4. Fruit wine 5. Whisky 6. Others _______

10. Have you ever been disturbed by your friends who after drinking? Or disturbed your friends?
A. Yes B. No
11. Do you have the habits of urge friends to drink?
A. Yes B. No
12. Do you think the drinking hasbenefit to promotefriendship? Why?



Problem Evaluation and Resolution Research
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