Project Leader

Project Management
You, as the Project Leader have undergone training of the 5PM additional techniques that, if implemented, will guarantee the best outcome for your project. The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your understanding of these techniques, how to
effectively apply them and manage your project in order to achieve the best outcome.
You are to produce a plan of your project, and how to manage your project, that satisfies your client, using these new techniques. Describe your project and then:
•?Define the project’s compelling purpose and outcome and produce a logical diagram that delivers that outcome and answers the 4Qs of PM. Also produce a critical chain Gantt chart/programme derived from the logical diagram. Describe how you would plan to manage time during the project execution, the buffer reviews using CC techniques) to ensure the project completion date is achieved.
•?describe the stakeholder groups, and 4 key stakeholders(including your client and project sponsor) who could influence the project’s outcome (name actual people involved). Describe what success would be from their perspective, describe their needs (corporate and the 6 personal emotional needs) and how you will manage their 6 emotional needs so that they will say that the best outcome has been achieved.
•?describe your current leadership style, behaviour, attitude and describe how your style needs to be changed in order to become an effective role model for your stakeholders. Describe what the project culture, the team’s beliefs and values, that are needed for a successful outcome.
•?describe your team, minimum of 4 people, reporting directly to you on the project(name the actual people). Identify their roles, outcomes and responsibilities (linked to the project logical diagram and programme, and project outcome), match their personality style to their role. Identify the possible difficulties of this team, their strengths and weaknesses, how you would overcome them. Describe how you will gain their commitment, how you will really motivate them to achieve their outcome.
•?describe how you would obtain feedback, formal and informal,from your team and monitor their achievements and project performance. Identify how you would communicate with your manager, and your client, of the progress of the project and the achievement of the agreed benefits (you must consider their corporate and personal needs when obtaining and reporting feedback)
•?if the project was not performing as expected, (e.g. overrunning programme or poor financial performance or low morale) then identify how you would get your team to analyse any underlying core issue that may exist and how you would get your team to overcome the problem and thereby deliver success.


Project Leader
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