Explain and critically assess Dewey’s and Hayek’s theories of freedom.
After analyzing the theories themselves, explain: which theory provides
better insight into one or two of the most important contemporary economic
phenomena we have read about in this course – such as markets and
market relations, large corporations, persistent racial inequities, or labor
Papers will be graded for strength of argumentation, organization,
knowledge of concepts and material, use of evidence, and prose
(grammar, spelling and style).
Your essay should be about 5 pages in length. Don’t waste space with
generalities or platitudes!
You may–in fact, you must–consult the assigned readings. You should use
ample amounts of properly-cited evidence (short quotations and
paraphrasing) from these assigned texts. In the end, such evidence (and
not anything from additional secondary works) is the only evidence that
counts towards your grade. Since the assignment is very short, however,
you should not include any lengthy quotations (quotations of more than a
few words). All quotations of key words and phrases and any material that
you paraphrase should be cited parenthetically. Use the “author-date”
system and include page numbers–e.g. “(Smith 1995, 40)” or “(Martinez
1990, 112).” All “Works Cited” should then be listed on a separate page
at the end of your paper.
Format: Please use black, 12-point font, and double-spacing. Please use
a cover sheet with your name, the date, course, and TA name. Please use
Word (.docx) or some compatible format.
Freedom and the Economy → Check PDF
Dewey-Liberty-Social-Control-The political writings.pdf
Labor and Labor Relations —> Check PDF


Reading Notes
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