Relating soil profiles to geology, parent material and topography.

Principal objectives:
– Undertake practical work associated with soil assessment at the level of site survey.
– Describe the properties and characteristics of soils and related growth media.
– Select appropriate techniques of soil management and amelioration.
Assessment criteria:
1- Obtaining site information about the soil profile in a complete and appropriate manner, demonstrating individual understanding.
2- Addressing assignment brief in full, with clear diagrams of profile, area and cross-section of slope, together with a full report to explain the origin of the soil profile.
3- Application of individual reading and research to fully explain the origin of the soil profile.
4- Logical and cogent assignment structure and layout, in text and diagrams.
5- Correct in- text referencing and bibliography.
Student brief:
1- Examine the soil condition on their particular site, and compare this with other sites close by.
2- Prepare an individual report on the characteristics of the soil at the particular site. It should contain:
a) A large clear diagram of the soil profile and horizons, fully labelled to show its features. 20%
b) An area sketch, and a topographical profile sketch, showing the position of the 3 pits. 10%
c) A report explaining the nature of the profile and the origin of the pit’s features, drawing on evidence from the regional solid and drift geology and the local topography. 70%
References (completed in Harvard system):
Jarvis, M.G. et al (1984). Soils and their use in South East England, Soil Survey of England and Wales, bulletin number 15. pp. 1-16.

Wooldridge, S.W. and Goldring, F. (1960). The Weald. Collins New Naturalist Series. Chaps 2, 5 & 8



Relating soil profiles to geology, parent material and topography.
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