Please write a written report for your completed project. 



Please see attachment.




Feedback from instructor;


Please incorporate the sections you had in your Week 6 paper i.e., the problem statement, purpose statement, literature review, etc., and the table of contents into the final submission of the paper. The tables you provided in the appendix should be referenced in your findings and analysis section i.e., See Table 1 in the Appendix or put in the findings and analysis section of the paper. A consistent font size is needed throughout the paper for the headings and text i.e., the headings should also be in 12-point font. Paragraphs should be set to aligned left not full. In the citations you provided, et al. requires a period after al. and should not be in italics. The title of the paper requires a capital A for Assignment. The level 2 heading is not indented, please see “Impact of the Challenges on Patient Care.” The references should begin on a separate page per APA format and be set to left justified not full. Please review the sample APA formatted papers previously provided in the classroom.






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