You will also practice micro-skills that pertain to your general skills as a counselor. When you assume the role
of the counselor, you should also work to enact at least seven of the micro-skills pertinent to working with
couples. See the attached micro-skills sheet and the highlighted skills to attend to: (ask at least 10 solution
focused questions for each member and follow the following).

-Develop a list of questions that are Solution-focused perspective specific to the case study below and related to
various micro-skills from the list (see attached file).
-Also, write an explanation as to why this question were asked?
-What is the purpose of this question and which micro-skill that is used?
-To which person is addressed and why?
-which person would you address first and why?

Case study:
Miguel (a Cuban American male) and Susan (Catholic from the USA) a couple married in their thirties. Miguel is an
accountant and Susan is a school teacher. Currently reside with Miguel?s parents as they are saving for their own
home. They have no children; however they report that they would like to have children in a near future. Miguel
and Susan initiated counseling due to their inability to resolve conflict in the relationship. Miguel and Susan
report that when a conflict arises Susan withdraws because Miguel will ?explode? and become loud and ?verbally
abusive?. Miguel states that he has displayed this type of ?irrational? behavior since childhood and that his
parents would often ignore his outbursts. Susan reports that yelling and verbal abuse have to stop before they
have children.
Transcription of the therapist’s half of the interview What microskill was demonstrated? What microskill
could have been demonstrated?
Provide an example of a revised or expanded response.




Solution focused detailed questions/reasons for couple
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