Source analysis 4
Answer each of the following questions. Make sure that you answer each question completely and provide examples for your answers. When you paraphrase or quote directly from the readings, use proper citations in parenthesis at the end of the quote.

And also list the answer for each question.

The following question refers to your readings in A History of Rome, Nerva to Hadrian, The Lives of the Later Caesars, and The Art and Architecture of Trajan.
1. Using Trajan’s activities as emperor with examples from all of the readings listed above, discuss how Trajan’s building projects are a visual representation of the image he crafted for himself.
NOTE: You will not be able to adequately answer this question in one paragraph. This should be a multiple paragraph answer!

The following questions refer to your D2L reading Pliny, Panegyric in Praise of Trajan.
1. How does Pliny’s description of Trajan present him as the opposite of Domitian, his recent predecessor? Make sure that you provide good examples to use as evidence for your comparison.

2. What aspects of imperial rule does he focus on?



Source analysis 4
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